The Women

The I don`t know yet girl !


The I don`t know yet girl !

She’s beautiful , charismatic , melancholic and much more . She stays there silent waiting to be asked first a question before starting a conversation . She will always play dumb even if she knows that the book that has the answer is wrong , that’s why she wouldn’t dare to respond to your words . She will always stay distant when with a friend , your friends , but she will always be there for you when you need here . Somebody asked you a question and you didn`t know the answer , so with you`re over the top ego you block , and then you look at here . She smiles in a way that only you would know that smile , giving you some trust and a sense of self-preservation,

But she is not complete . Something is missing in here and will always be missing , She`s not possessive , but she is still alone . We talk on the phone for an hour and after we end the call she still expects a goodnight text . She will often be sad and cry , not because she was done wrong , just because she feels that something is missing . Something that is there but she is the only one that couldn’t find it .

She will never leave you as a cheater but will play with others only to get your attention when she’s bored . You may not be her true first , but in her heart, the one she chooses will be treated like no other person she ever meets.

But in the end , nothing last forever , and at one point her silence becomes habits . And now , here play makes you think that she is serious .
Soo you become a man . You start to question here on questions that don`t deserve an answer , you become agitated and start raising the tone of you’re voice until you start southing for no reason at all . And now she cries for a reason . She tags herself with some friends at the mall while watching a movie at home just to make you suffer . And you react ! But the worse part of this story is that she will never trust a stranger . At least now when she was broken as she was . Innocent .

So here rebound and comfort is a best friend . In this case, she had only 2 or 3 girlfriends , so the only option is the one who treated here better among you`re friends , while you were together . And she starts to play . We are men . There is a saying that you don`t go to you’re friends ex . But like I said we are men . We never actually kept are word seeing that I am playing with your girlfriend ,

All war breaks loose , there is anger , fights , jokes , pranks , trying to fuck an old girlfriend of yours .

But in the end, all that matter is that she was yours . And with all these games , she never did you wrong , at least compared with what you did !

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