The Women

The Submissive !


The Submissive !

We`ve all seen the movie `Scent of a Woman` with Al Pacino in the main role . And in time living with blindness, he learned to feel , scent and observe his surroundings and people beside him throw other feelings . He uses his hands to see beauty in a woman and he never missed .

The same goes for us all . The submissive is a person that will obey , walk aside you in public but behind you in private . Either she loves you for your heart , for your kindness , for your beauty , social status , money and so on , she will obey and never decline a fantasy or a sexual experiment  .
And the fact that you are the dominant one , makes her roll her eyes and crunch her teeth every time you have sex and she will never stop , want to stop or ever tell you to stop .
Where ever and whenever you desire , she will be willing .

That`s for the sex part . Now for the social part .

She will always stand by your side . When your cocky with your friends and make a small but yet offensive remark or joke of here , she will just smile politely , giggle or just stay with a simple smile on her face . When you go out and like to be proud , proud with the prize that you managed to catch ; her beauty , intelligence , politeness and class she will always give you righteousness , will never disobey you and see that you choose to put here in front , she will do the same but in a more complex manner even if your just a 85 IQ smart ass .
She will always stay simple as you meet her so that you don`t have to change the relationship style and status but will make small changes in her appearance like her hair , lipstick color, and others . She will love you till the end and after , and she will never forget you .
But in the end, a submissive will get tired or both of you will just get bored of the same habits every day . Sex is the main thing , so if the question is why not go further or normal , the answer is simple . Only a few people can change involuntarily , and for those who try on purpose , it`s a more difficult job than staying in that relationship .

I personally was in one of these kinds of relationship and I met a beautiful brunette , smart and simple that I spent some time with . About 4 months but in the end , the end was inevitable . We wanted different things . She passed the submissive faze and moved on to something more serious while I traveled the world and enjoyed the pleasure of seeking girls and experiences .
Maybe at that time, that`s what I wanted , but now , and now I can`t lose this habit . I become a single , yet never alone .

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