The Women

The Obsessive One !


The Obsessive One !

Literally, the one that is where ever you are , where ever you go , she is there for you . As she thinks . Even when you take out the trash or talk to a friend on the way back , she watches throw the window and when you come home she starts to wonder if you`re gay .
You go to school and the teacher takes your phone because she texts you like 10 messages an hour , and then she starts a scandal , like whats her name ? Why are you doing this to me ? We`ve been together for so long , 3 weeks and this is what you do to me ?
Sometimes you like to take a warm bath just to release the steam caught through the day , she’s there with you 3 minutes later .
The next morning you take a very cold shower just to release the steam from the other night , and there she is with you at minus 0 degrees . Only because she misses you of course .

She goes to see her boyfriend , and you suddenly walk by and see them , wave and approach the table when she walks to you and starts yelling , why are you following me . So what ? I got a text from my ex that he`s in pain and has some problems and I just wanted to comfort him a little . So what ?
– Wait ?! That`s your boyfriend ? He’s fucking hot . You choose me over him?

At the end, we both know he fucked him . It`s not submissive to lose somebody , it`s obsessive to let him go .

Now we go out ! My family is in town .
– So he’s my cousin and his girlfriend , an old friend and she’s my cousin . We were very close growing up 🙂
– So now your cheating on me with your cousin ? Tell me do you still love her ? Why are you doing this to me ?
– Yes ! I still care for here . But seeing that on the way here I got a psychiatrist’s number , don`t you think you could have said that in private … ?
Fuck you !
– Were breaking up 🙂 I can`t live with all this tension and I need my space .

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