Back to Turin

So after a small vacation on the seaside , I returned to Turin for a few weeks I hope . Then maybe I can go for few months in Spain , specifically Ibiza or Palma de Maiorca . In the mean while if I’m stuck here at least I can go for a few days in Monaco , Nice , Cannes and the Italian riviera .

And of course a quick look at whats happening and what happened in Turin this days that I was gone .

It’s shame that Juventus Turin didn’t manage to qualify in the Champions League and went further, because football here is to the heart . When Italy played the final against France , that memorable head to the chest from Zinedine Zidane that got him a red card , all the ‘ I don’t know the translation for Piazza ‘ were full all around the city . I was with a  cousin in the city center and there were more that 20000 people watching an enormous TV put on a side so everyone can view the match .

It would have been the same but that’s the outcome and no more street madness.

Speaking of Monaco , been a while since I went there and I truly miss it . Maybe next week or the following I’ll make a short visit .IMG_0538