The Women

The Bet !


The Bet !

So being in a relationship is hard . At the beginning it that true romance . Then you have common fascination trying to understand your companion . His habits , his way of speaking and thinking . His judgment , his reactions when he’s happy and when he’s angry .

Then there’s the fuck part . In the beginning, you fuck as you are a person . Dominant or experimenting . For me , at that time I was more curious than experienced . Young , I thought I found my soul mate . But as it turns out it was more like a fuck trivia . Every fuck was a new experience and every time , there was something new .
But this time , after a while we got bored . At least I got bored . So we went out , me with my girlfriend at the time , had a drink , a latte if I remember correctly , visited a few stores in the mall and then we decided to play some bowling .

After a few trows , I decided that boredom was enough and we had to crack it up a notch . We made a bet . In the end , the best player decides a punishment to the other one , the loser . Well not lost because it was a common punishment . We both had our interest .
The problem is that she had her eyes on a pair of boots and I was not gonna pay for a brand new pair of both . At least not in a competition . The problem is that while she thought that the punishment was something like Fifty Shade Of Grey , mine was a little more daring and obscene .

So we started playing , and trust me , when you make a bet with your loved one , you better be prepared to see the demon in her .
We both made strike after strike , 8 pins , 9 pins , the game was one . While I was sweating like I was playing soccer and I was in overtime , she had a look in her eyes that even the pins shivered .
But I wasn`t gonna lose . So in the end after a good game `Congrats` , I won 🙂 😀 .
Now it`s time for my prize .
– I`ve never seen you so competitive before
– `Just a pushing smile `
– OK , this is whats gonna happen . Seeing that is closing time and almost everybody`s gone , we’re gonna fuck
-OK , `shes relief`
-In the malls bathroom .
– She swallowed and we didn`t even manage to arrive there .

Trust me , I`ve never seen somebody managing to keep her mouth and screams so inside . Ooo , and she could speak for another day , because of the muscle block of course .
But I won , and I added a fucking place to my list then even I didn’t I would ever . But what the hell . At least I didn`t have to pay for a pair of boots and she never dared to even mention the word challenge to me .

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