The Unlikely

So the FIFA World Cup is held in Russia this year !

So the FIFA World Cup is held in Russia this year !

The squads have been selected, groups have been made and now the nations draft there players .

It’s not bad that the Russian election we’re held , and president Vladimir Putin won once more the presidency of Russia . After the disaster that came upon the country after the desolation of the Soviet Union, within the following years a former KGB agent became the president and after all the articles that I read and the statistics shown publicly I can personally say that Russia is a country in growth and with power .

Now they’re hosting the World Cup . Unfortunately I’m a little upset that Romania didn’t qualify , but we see again Costa Rica , the squad that managed to arrive in the quarterfinals if I remember correctly, Panama qualified which is a surprise seeing that until now football didn’t exist on a global scale , and the disappointments like Italy , Netherlands, Chile , Ivory Coast and the USA .

The World Cup is set to be played on 12 venues across the country with the Rostov Arena and Spartak Moscow stadium as my personal favorites .IMG_0529

Hopefully seeing what happened on the last World Cup , people will focus on the football itself and not any other political reason in between .

But we still have a small wait until the World Cup starts . Now our main focus is on Liverpool . That’s right. Not the.Champions League final Real Madrid against Liverpool , but on Liverpool itself. Since 2005 Liverpool went under the radar on the football world now , unexpectedly arrived in the final and from a neutral point of stand , Liverpool is the new UEFA Champions League winner . IMG_0531