Writting the Unknowing

Writing the Unknowing


As I mention in the previews post , I seemed to have lost a part of my identity . Maybe it was a moment of bad judgment or maybe just pure truth .

The city of Bucharest is a beautiful city . Not only for the people who live in it . But it is a city that you can see the transparency from an ex-communist capital city , maybe one of the last cities were you can see the difference between a ex-communist country and a new democratic state . Bucharest and Budapest of course .

People go to Pyongyang, North Korea to see how communism is like in real life . But as a fact I would recommend seeing Bucharest .

Seeing that the former dictator of Romania Nicolae Ceausescu was inspired by the former supreme leader of North Korea , he build this country based on the methodology that he build his country on .

The city is based in 2 forms . All the structures remain as they who’re within the communist party and the 30 years that came , evolving in a city that can become again the little Paris of Europe as it was once called or at least will once more show that no one man can define an entity .

The facts remain the same . I was born in the middle of the communist revolution , and I had to view from a child to adulthood the transformation of this country .

I would lie to myself if I say that the country is not filled with crime organizations and corruption , people manifesting unknowingly the dismissal of parties and leaders . Just standing for a cause inflicted by others with `let`s say ` more experience , without knowing what they want .

My family lived in a 4 bedroom apartment in a city of Romania , a new developing neighborhood , but put on the middle of the border of the city , now known as the most prestige place .

The neighborhood was full with gypsies that would get even 1 cent if they could get from you . We lived in a penthouse now in 2018 but in 1996 it was a slum of Europe not Romania .

Since I was 14 I moved to Italy and I had another chance . Another style of life . But my inner problems caused me to become an outcast even there , at least in schools I mean .

Living with just my mother and sister , we had to integrate and adjust to a new life .

Maybe there were no gypsies that took even the T-Shirt from your body , but something worse . Integration. There is a saying – Rock may break my bones but my heart will never suffer and I would not allow myself to feel any pain .

Not knowing to speak italian upon arrival , it was difficult for me to be as you . In school I tried to respond and politely ask the question in english so I can try at least to integrate . But with honesty Italy is one of the most beautiful countries I have traveled . But people . You had 60-70 years and us just 20 .

It is not a common judgment that one can decide what to think , but the same system that I lived on , maybe better said my parents lived on , but what we learn as a child makes us a person . The problem is that we decide when we reach an age what are the better choices and decisions that we make as a person .

I`m gonna end this with the feeling that others live in more harsh full conditions , but a tank is not more powerful than the inner mind . Only the person inside the tank can decide if he should fire that shell . Take me to Dante`s inferno . But be careful . Cause if I go down , I would decide your`re faith .