Lost of identity

Lost of identity

I thought that coming back to Romania would make me understand better the reason for why I`m writing this blog . I arrived in the city that I love the most in the summer and still I cannot find a real reason for why .

I like to travel , I love sex , but mostly I like to write . Good or bad , at least the facts are real . I’m not stupid , and if someone challenges me to a contest , I kindly accept . But for once either I’m disappointment or I`m just bored .

Arrived in Bucharest from Turin , I saw the real truth again . Literally. From the airport to the train station taxi drivers don`t even bother starting the taximeter , they just ask what the fuck the thing is worth . The train station in Bucharest is like a very , very small Kosovo . People take asylum at the McDonalds and KFC . Gypsies on all corners , beggars , drunks , pickpocketers and a random fights every 5 minutes . As a Romanian I can positively say that this country in some places is a shit hole .

Luckily I bought a first class direct train to Constanta .

There things started to change . The hotel that I was staying was really nice . Just a walk to the beach , the city center and the mall .

The beaches were almost empty at day but the clubs were packed at night . Bored as fuck the only thing that I could was to empty a glass of scotch , one after the other and tried to smile at every person that looked at me , even though a just wanted to knock them the fuck out .

Fortunately I had a friend with me that kept me from the boredom that came upon me .Actually 2 friends but one of them I only saw once . Then goodbye .

As stupid as this seems I`m actually gonna post some pictures to make this article more colorful and interesting . Ooo and by the way … I found Dory … She retired in a small aquarium in Romania and apparently broke with with Nemo .