The Unlikely

Where is he now ?

Where is he now ?


One of the top social media figures of the past decade , Christian Delgrosso reaching up to 7 million followers on Vine , 3.2 million on Instagram and 1.8 million on Facebook seem to have disappeared from the media world since Vine announce that uploads cannot be carried anymore on 27 of October 2016 .

This young Canadian actor born on 24 May 1993 , now mainly focuses on YouTube Vlogs . After achieving an estimate worth of 0.5 million dollars he can now take a leap forward from 9 seconds clips to his intriguing own life experience .
Once one of the most active and loved viners of all time has had a relapse or just took a break and started enjoying life traveling and seeing the world .
But after getting a taste of the fame and movie industry he started acting in some episodes on some TV series and short films before taking small roles in the real movie industry like Mono .

Where is the life of his young actor , comedian , and one of the most favorites figures among the teenage era going . Will he become what he proved that he can be and raise to the standards of the true movie business ?
Or just some 9 second video clips won’t be enough to become the next star on the Hollywood boulevard ?

Disconnected and many others teenage movies rated PG- 13 or so