The Basilica of Superga

The Basilica of Superga


You can not visit Turin , and not see the Basilica of Superga . Right on the top hills of Turin lays one of the most beautiful Catholic church , build 1731 for the Duke Of Savoy Victor Amadeus the Second of Savoy . The church itself is a masterpiece of the late Baroque , neoclassical architecture designed by Filippo Juvarra a great 17 century architect , with designs that also changed the way we see architecture but also a contraventional artist when it comes to his image and masterworks .

Still his unique masterpiece is one of the main symbols of Turin and one of the most acclaimed church of the Catholic religion .
The Church itself holds the tombs of many princes and king of The House of Savoy , including the monument to Carlo Emanuelle the third and The Royal Crypt of Superga .

Visited by thousands daily from around the world , this cannot be excluded from your list of attractions in Turin .
The 7 km drive from the start of the hills to the Basilica itself gives you a self-relief and an intriguing ride throw to old and new Turin .