Time to relax

Time to relax


Like I said , my stay in Turin is coming to an end . But I cannot leave this city without leaving my own personal mark on what you can do see , and now relax .


One of the te most relaxing parks in Turin is Parco Valentino . Located near the river Po , the park is about 4 or 5 or 6 km long and the way that it is arranged make you lose yourself and forget at least for a day all the problems in the world .

Summer has come and the park was filled . People from all of the city walked the alleys and visited the museum , castle , ornaments and why not , just a small nap on the clean grass .

Luckily I had a day of to take my Dog de Bordeaux for a walk , and even if I must say that I am disappointed in her , she didn’t want to jump inside the river this way we can have a contest on which is more fast on water . But she was pleased anyway .

Still after a refreshing Ginger Indian Ale Breezer , I must say that the day was as relaxing as the secret room in Disneyland Paris for adults .

But summer has just begone . I was supposed to go to Ibiza but for some circumstances that I prefer not to reveal , my departure will be somewhere else .


One thing remains for me to see for my self again and show to does who do not know and present and interest on what this city is all about and what I saw from my point of view .