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My Dear Friend !


My Dear Friend !

When I first saw you , I knew that true love exists ! You were 18 and I was 19 . I made a mistake . I challenged you to a contest , and you decided that I was enough intriguing to be made as a foul . You made me think that true love exists and you showed something that one should never see . I listen to your words and thoughts on how they can change my life . You choose me over him , but you still loved him . He was the first one to give you the sense of hope and you loved him for this . You put us face to face . And you had the option to choose . It was either me or him . But I listen to you .
No one can forget their true love . The voice . The face . The person behind my hope . You hit me once , and I was a pig . But for whatever it`s worth , I never hurt you then and I would never hurt you again …

Even if now we can never hear each other , I want you to know that no matter what , I am deeply sorry , and will never stop being there for you .
I hope that you hear my words and trust that even if I am the same stupid person that I was a long time ago , I will try to be there for you , no matter the time I will try to change your opinion over me .
Remember me for who I am as I will always remember you for who you are . You were the blessed one and I was the demon . Even though you made me think , I can`t forget the moment you first kissed me , under our favorite song . But will this make a difference now ? It has been a very long time since we saw each other and every attempt to take you back made us distance apart even longer and further .
Time can`t change the moments that we had , even now I can remember your smile, the way you looked at me even when I made you wrong .

We first met when we were young , and I loved you then , I love you now and even if we are no longer together I will always have a deep space for you inside my heart , even if you broke my soul .
I know that you don`t care anymore and moved one , but every time I feel sad and lonely , I just take a quick peek at your photo , and I know that once upon a time you were there for me , and I loved you for that .
I`m writing this in the hope that I can find peace inside myself , knowing that you will never find this article , at least for now or maybe never .
But I can`t forget the moment when you needed me the most . You were standing alongside your family and friends , and I left you there with nothing like you meant nothing to me .
The mile I walked after full of regret , made me think what kind of person I am . Maybe I was too stupid to realize what I had and what I lost .
We traveled the world together , and even though your family did not approve of me , still we went to places that others could not have the opportunity . It was only because of you that I found love inside me , and it was only because of you that people saw love inside me throw my eyes .You were the reason that I could smile and look at people not with hate , not with regret that they would eventually , knowing what kind of person I was and I still am .
I still remember the moments that we shared , and I truly want you to know that no matter how many books I read , none can compare with what we had , not even in movies , not even in novels .We were the perfect one for each other , and even if many stood aside you , your heart was only for me to have , and you made sure that I knew that even if my jealousy could not be controlled as I would have wanted .

Turin was my favorite spot . It was there that you gave me trust in me , not in you . We were both young and still, you decided to take a leap of faith and risk losing what you had left of your family over me . My only regret is that the wrong I did to you , I didn`t have the courage to do this earlier this way I couldn`t see the tears coming from your eyes and the pain in your heart . What made me think and block for a short amount of time is that in the end when you finally left me is that within all the pain you had , you could not find space for hatred for me in your heart .

In one glimpse I had you and then you were gone . It was your choice and decision on what you desired and if I was worthy of you .
I don`t regret the decision that you took , I regret only that you left me days on end thinking if the time we spent together was enough to make me what I become . A blank page walking the streets and seeing shadows of you on every corner , street, and person .

I hope that one day you will find it in your heart to forgive me so I can forgive myself and come back from the hell that I am living now . But maybe this is the end . Me a demon and the devil my best friend .

With all my love , I hope you the best .

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