Like I said

Like I said
Even if when a arrived , again it was empty , you cannot , not include it on the places to visit in Turin . This square is located exactly near the city center and is full with the best restaurants , bars , pubs , spectacles so often , and many , many other things .
Located nearby the river Po , its a sure option to find a little distraction and relax with the best Italian food , wine and of course the famous if not infamous handmade Italian gelato .
I don`t have much to offer in this post seeing that there was no subject to divert on , but if the square is not that glorious as a tourist attraction , than maybe after a few drinks , just nearby at a maximum of 500-700 meters below , just aside the river are one of the most infamous underground nightclubs , at least once they were . Haven`t been there for a while , but we have to change that don`t we .
I crave for a night at a local underground nightclub . Hopefully next weekend instead of my usual spots , I’ll make a change , try to see if the places that I went as a kid still fit the standards .
And between the food , drinks and clubs , if you like to shop a little the cities main shopping street is just nearby . So , have fun !