The Women

The missing part !


The missing part !

So in a rebound, I decided to call a friend , a fuck friend , some girl that just likes to fuck , not just with me , just fucking . I went to her pleased , started to open a couple of Aquesi Sparkling Wine bottles, and started talking . I explained what happen while her friend was nearby , listening , and decided that I need a change in my life . Of course, I started with  undressing her softly , kissing , her tummy was just perfect , but she wanted to stop. Ok . One hour naked , kisses and licks on every part of her body made her go crazy .

But it all has to come to an end . I`m not worried , I’ll fuck her again .Give me one week and she will feel me again . Not that she can resist , I can`t resist . I want to fuck her and then we can be friends .

The story is ,while I went to her apartment , her friend a Romanian girl , by the way, she’s from Puerto Rico , had an interest in me .She thought of some darker secrets . No problem . Strange but I guess , ok !? . I`m gonna fuck her next weekend and now this happened .
Her friend who was soberer decided to go down on me . Ok . Let`s try it . No licking , no kissing , just fuck till I hear a screaming stop , then I started pushing harder until her eyes were nowhere to be found .

I didn`t like this one . Not one of my taste , but I had to fuck somebody to mask the pain or whatever it was . I didn`t stop until she had nothing left in her . She was gone.
But the true medicine was here . Maybe a coffee , or a night out . Maybe I can still convince her that I’m still who I am . I mean It`s just fuck . But that fuck that erases your memory .
The problem is that I got my eye on 19-year-old girl `babe` . Enough for now . The story goes one .

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