The Unlikely

The one without a name !

The one without a name !

Every person has a bad day , and apparently I chose this one . Apparently Monday is not the day to see the true nature of a location seeing that everybody has there one agenda . Just passing by this location , one full bars , pubs , restaurants and so on , I choose that day were all of Turin just decided to stay at home and relax for once . You will understand the meaning by the end of the weekend .

I just bought an Xbox 360 on sale , not that I don’t prefer the the Xbox ONE , but I`m a little classic on my choices of games , like why play FIFA 2018 when the best players are still on FIFA 2015 , and I really don`t want to answer the question why . Plus Netflix still comes the same on both consoles . So .. that’s that .

Nearby there a `Piazza` where on the weekends and on all weekend all the venues and terraces are all packed up . Let`s just call it a small part of the town where if you like to have a chat , savour a drink have a nice dinner or just get fucked up on an underground club , this is the spot .

Like I said , It`s just Monday and if I was nearby and why not take a look , and grab some lunch and a smooth cocktail , Tequila Sunrise this time , but weekends always come . So I know where my next target is this weekend .

But it wasn`t all that boring . I just happened to meet a girl that you decide what my opinion should be . Just curious if that smile is worth mentioning . At least the crown shows that nobility still exist on the streets , because in the bedroom where the crown comes of and then , as in the Roman times she talks and screams for to God . As we all 😀

As boring as it sounds , this article a mean , maybe a glimpse of this weekend will change the perspective of the article .