Talk about a …

Talk about a …

Talk about a catwalk . When people use the sentence that fashion is dead , I seriously doubt that . I promised the spots of Turin , my spots of Turin and I keep my promise , or at least try to provide you with a small image of mine .

As it happens to be , just yesterday happen to be a special occasion at one shopping center in the city . In it was packed up . I mean I got there nearby closing time and still I had to circle half an hour only to find a parking spot . Maybe this doesn`t fit in the sentence hotspot , seeing that it`s just a retail park , but if people were coming in buses from France and I`m guessing all around the vicinity within Italy , it should be considered as one .

I wonder , does Prada or was it Gucci , think that London is back . I mean I`m just half a designer , but really . I mean it`s good for immigration at the airport if you have a fake passport , but I don’t know were that might fit in .


Gucci , Giorgio Armani , Prada . Need I say more . I didn’t actually see the spectacle itself but did saw what intrigues me the most . I saw what I was looking for and even more . If Coco Channel made the Little Black Dress , well someone definitely knew how to wear it . I would show you a picture but I kind of blocked when I saw that girl wearing a dress that looked just like that , enough to make me forget my purpose being there .

Anyway if Milan has Corso Buenos Aires and now Turin has this , and all you need is a small plastic Credit Card .