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Is there life for Gal Gadot beyond Wonder Woman !

Is there life for Gal Gadot beyond Wonder Woman !

Is there life for Gal Gadot beyond Wonder Woman , that’s what wrote just 2 days ago on their website . In my opinion at just 32 years old , as an actress that played in Wonder Woman , Justice League , Batman vs Superman and of course in the Fast & Furious and many other movies , won the title of Miss Israel at only 18 and devoted 2 years in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat instructor and mother of 2 children , I doubt that the future of this young talented and devoted woman , is on the bridge of collapse . Even with or without an Oscar she already achieved what most actors didn’t at the end of their careers .
Even in the quote that the power of love is enough to prove that mankind can be better , even if it was a script , you can see that in her eyes there was no lie on either sides .
I still don’t know if Leonardo got an Oscar , but look at what impact he marked on society and cinematography . I mean I`m just waiting for Titanic 2 : The Ghost Ship to arrive . Sorry for that . Just saw a trailer on Youtube and I still don`t know if I should laugh or stay stupid until it arrives . But based on the trailer for sure the Oscar is his .


Gary Oldman won the Oscar for his part in the movie Darkest Hour , which was an inspiring movie if not piece of art , but that is not what influences people on every day life’s . What hope and power ?

What influences them is the way how the character reaches into the peoples mind and heart . I may not be a movie critic , but the true Wonder Woman was not the DC persona , but Gal Gadot herself .

And I truly await to see Wonder Woman 2 , Justice League 2 and any other movie that she portrays .

Or maybe I just read the title wrong seeing that , that’s the only thing I read .