The Women

The Lose End


The Lose End

Every day I walk by the bar and watch throw the window thinking what should I do next . If I go I know a have to meet here again . I`m a shy person and I don`t deal with rejection very well . I speak about women in a manner that some may consider insulting . Maybe that is what I am . I challenge women to see the good in me only to prove that in the end , I`m just another blocked number on a phone . No response , no text and the outside walk of shame . The shame that you have to live with knowing that you see here again and when she sees you , you see the hate and regret in her eyes .

But this one is different . She`s different because she is something that you can build on . Excuse me , someone who you can build with . Maybe a movie , maybe a dinner or maybe just a coffee at her place . I promised myself that even when I know how it would end I`ll still try at least let her know me as I am . A provocative , self-center , egocentric bastard .

I truly hope that in all my mistakes I can , for once , at least for one time try to keep myself together and make another chapter in these small writings . A chapter where instead of all the women that came and went out of my life, this one will remain .
And the worst part is that the bar she`s always there is my favorite nearby wine bar . So in the short version if I fuck this up , I`m gonna fuck it up good . I would lose 2 things that I love . A girl that I can`t yet describe and a good bottle of red wine .
I won’t give myself an answer this time and just see what would happen ! :*

A story is better written when you have some inspiration , and in this case it would be , seeing that I depart to Ibiza within 2 months , well , with someone by your side . But that will change the full content that I started .
Just last night I spoke with this girl for more than an hour over the phone , and I still can`t figure out what is my … Am I .. Or am I .. ?

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