The Unlikely

What goes around comes around !

What goes around comes back around !

When I said a weekend long after don`t wake till Tuesday I meant it , and apparently I achieved it . I just woke up to write this article then I`m going into a coma for 2 days . I got home at 5 or 6 AM and still I see shapes and colors . The club was awesome . Still half empty but a great club , good people and the bartenders definitely know what they’re doing . There are only 2 places were I had a real Blue Hawaiian . One on the north side , the best side of Mamaia beach in Constanta , Romania at a beach bar and now here .
I`m not gonna mention the clubs name for personal reasons , but for those who know it , they know I can`t be wrong . It was an event with a semi-whatever-socialite from Romania , diva kind of person as a an entertainer and the atmosphere was great .
If the balloon was the most interesting part of Quasar here a I was put throw another challenge .Here staff ! You can imagine that after 3 4 Blue Hawaiians you start to see double , and even if that sounds drunk , trust me it was worth seeing double this time .
So the DIVA didn`t do all the job . Here staff was amazing . I mean they literally moved the club like they were making waves through the persons inside . And with the help of the DJ , the party ended like it started . Without stop and with the same rhythm from the beginning to the end , or at least to the point were I got out and went home .  


Like I said , my favorite hotspots are nightclubs , and this one did his job . You just have to love Turin if you know what you`re doing .