The Unlikely

Let me introduce myself :)

My favorite spots in the world @ Nightclubs .

And I don`t mean dance on a pole like a thing , just pure music DJ by my side and lots and lots of free woman , or taken , same thing . The last time I went out I was in the smoking room and some random 28 -30 woman ask me a question . She just asked me if I can give her a little space . To drunk to understand what she meant , I mean , women , I don’t know you . Why the fuck do you want space from me . Later on I saw that she just handbagged a 50 or so guy waiting to fuck here for some cheap cash . To drunk to understand , plus my eyes was on this hot brunette she started talking .
This guy obviously left seeing that I don`t move . To drunk to understand , this one starting asking questions , making conversation . Were are you from , like what do you do . Does it matter ? I offered her a drink . She passed . OK . I have 2 straws . Care to take a sip ? Nothing …. OK … so now what .. I know your name , you know me , what now ?
Leaving the room when I see that she doesn`t seem to give me any clue I just get up and go back in to the club . What`s odd is that at the door I hear a scream ! I fuck good ! Pretty Woman , I`m in for the kill , but not for the joke .
Anyway , this is about the club . A club in Turin that not many know about it but it`s one of my favorites . Located nearby the Turin Central Station just 600 800 m away , all that you desire can become true .
In my opinion in the true hot spots of Turin this has to be included .
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See you at Quasar this weekend , all night and weekend long .