The Unlikely

Same Disappointment

Same Disappointment

When I said an All-Nighter I hoped for one , but if it wasn`t
enough that I had to wait half an hour in line just to get in and not
even the two glasses of vodka I got earlier at a nearby bar didn`t
managed to keep me out of the cold
to get inside a half empty club ,were the only interesting thing that was going one was a loose balloon  hanging on the roof of the club and this girl unknowingly challenging me to who can resist more . And I mean she`s on the DJ booth , so I guess that means one point for me .


I got there are 1 am , and when I saw a line with at least 30 people in front of me I knew it`s gonna get fucked up , but instead I got fucked up on Long Islands till 3 am till I couldn’t face the boredom anymore and just got out and took a taxi home .Maybe like every person has a bad day , I just picked the night were this club had a detention from the principle night . Really !

Enough of that , I promised myself a weekend long not weak up till Tuesday , so I guess tonight I`ll have to try to to find a new venue were hopefully I`ll find more people , more skirts and more action . I`m thinking of a Jazz club , at least there I know for sure the wine is good and the tables are packed with women wearing there most expensive dress trying to prove that classiness still exists . 

`Quasar` was a disappointment . Let`s see what happens tonight , maybe after i sober up and I hope I do till tonight with the help of a few RedBulls , I`ve heard of a new venue that just opened not long ago nearby that may , and I hope would not make me write another depressing story about a I don`t know who or when story . Not for nothing but this one still has to be finished both in writing and in real live .