The Unlikely

Is Romania a true democratic state or still remains a post Soviet era semi-communist unstable country ?

We all know for a fact that in December 1989 a nationwide revolution started opposing the communist party . Its main purpose was to abolish communism from the country and obtain a democratic state constitution . But did it and what happened within the years that followed …
On 25 December 1989 the communist sigma was cut out of the Romanian flag and raised up on the the main communist building .
Romania was a free country for the first time after the second world war !
A non entity can revive its self in a respected amount of time . All nation have proven that it requires time to embrace a new change . And when speaking of a nation the time cannot be defined , but it can be adjusted .
For the years that followed corruption , misleading of the population trough deep Ponzi schemes , organized crime organizations arisen , an unstable currency , manipulated political central attacks on the government occurred , like for example the Romanian people like to call it `Mineriadele` , meaning the miners revolt when between 1998 and 1999 workers were called out and incited to make political attacks on the capital city Bucharest , attacks on civilian people , supposedly under the command of the first post-communist leader of the Romanian nation Ion Iliescu .
Then a change was made . Main political parties have risen , the Romanian people had choices , options to decide for them self .
But were they truly a self sustaining honorable democratic parties ?
Within the following years many civilian uprising have opposed they’re new elected leaders . Within the following years after the communist Leader Ceausescu was deposed many referendums were made and revolts have occurred in the country .
Only shortly after the new elected president Traian Basescu from the Democratic Party was elected as president , there was two attempts to depose him , one in 2007 and 2011 , with one of them ending in aggression and the abuse of the peoples civil rights , with the last in 2017 were 300000 people standing again in front as the same building almost 30 years ago `see video below` !
Enough about the political system , within the communist era the police was as it should be a state controlled entity , but the main issues was that in fact it was just an weapon of fear , controlled by the the party itself .
Changes were made , departments have arrived , but in the same manner and time organized crime spread across Romania . Foreign allegedly news statements of romanian organized across Europe , working with prostitution , bank frauds , robberies , child abductions were made .
Crime families divided in to regions , without fear of the justice department and the penal laws of the state .
The United Kingdom once even stated that the most spreaded bank fraud related crimes arrive from Romania .
There was even the issue where in the southwestern part of Romania there was a breached in a military base were weapons were stolen to be further used in drug exchange .
Is the state of Romania a true democratic state or just a state that after 30 year only the appearance has changed but all remains the same ?