The Women

Same Spot !


Same Spot !

Same spot , same girl and just a week over . Maybe it’s not just pure coincidence that the bar I choose had to be this one . Odd is that she waved at me . What did she see , I wonder ?! Loneliness, pain , confusion or just the lonely nights , every night still thinking what happened before . She gave me a wave so I gave her a clue . A clue without an answer. The reason ? Did I just wanted to be left alone or was it something else ? Fear ! More like boredom. Maybe the glass of wine is more comforting and soothing now .

Amsterdam changed me . I become something that I neither can control or understand . It became a loose end of my own doing .

In my past I’ve done things further than the imaginable . I took woman for granted , and it never ended well . I’m not a relationship guy . I can’t tell you my longest relationship but I can tell you my shortest . It lasted for 10 minutes in the bathroom of a nightclub in Bucharest . I don’t remember names . My parents say that not even as a child I could remember , but that’s not true . I had friends . But now ? Either I don’t care or just can’t remember . So many , that with all honesty I don’t care anymore .

I’m writing this with here beside me . Just looking , curious , just a pinch of a peak . Is she curious what I’m writing or to whom ?

I don’t even bother trying . Would it help ? Would it be worth it ?

I’m tired . Someone even said I’m a freak . I actually have the power to convince them that I’m the mistake the asshole , making them feel good about themselves so I don’t have to wonder or receive 3.00 am texts with ‘what happened or why are you not answering your phone .

Maybe at the end of this bottle I’ll give it a go . Or least try to see if can understand what I’ve missed from here . But I know that I sold my soul to the devil way long ago , and my deepest fear but somehow a desire is to prove it right !

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