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Is Travolta the new John Gotti of Hollywood?

Is Travolta the new John Gotti of Hollywood?

There were many movies that attempted to portray him as the man he was in real life. But as we all know , no one can truly know who John Gotti was. From the beginning we know from popular culture the laws of silence of the Cosa Nostra . Omerta . So the facts can never be accurate. But still, we can see part of the man that he was from movies, documentaries and literature .

For example in the 1998 movie `Witness to the mob`. even though the movie was actually based more on Sammy Gravano`s life and rise in the Gambino family and the principles of the Cosa Nostra , still John Gotti is the boss. He is still interpreted as more of a public figure than an organized crime family boss and with the same attitude to the people and the law. But still a boss who gives the orders.
In the movie `Gotti – The Rise and Fall of a Real Life Mafia Don` released in 1996 , even though the movie was a low budget movie, Armand Assante interprets him as a more careful Don. Loyal to the Family, calm and with honor. Even when he lost his son, in an tragic accident, he stills maintains his temper and decides not to judge beyond a reasonable doubt. In my opinion the movie made a great representation of what may or may not be the true John Gotti. But in the end he still is the head of the Gambino crime family. Even IMDB gave the movie a 7.3 rating so what can we expect from the next one? And in my opinion Armand Assante deserved the Primetime Emmy Award for Oustanding Lead Actor.

But what can we expect from the 2018 upcoming movie `Gotti` starring John Travolta on an outstanding budget ? Starring aside his family with his daughter Ella Blue Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston aside him, will Travolta be the next `John Gotti of Hollywood`? And who is the true John Gotti!