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It`s time to go home


It`s time to go home

It`s not something that I would usually do , but my visit to Amsterdam has to come to an end . On other occasions I would devour the city . No one knows the true hotspots of Amsterdam , as a tourist because they`re always changing . Nightclubs , parties , brothels , but I have my own personal list that I`m devoted to but I choose to pass this time .
When you go in the district you won`t see one person sad or disappointed . There are too many attractions and distractions to have a motive . A woman, drugs , everything you can think of , in Amsterdam you can accomplish .
But I had enough disappointment , as you have seen in the previews letters , so it`s time to pack and go home . One more quick pass throw the district , one more coffee at the place where it all went sideways , and without a reason that I can think of , a quick visit to the flower market .
Somehow in this trip something was lost . I lost a part of me . But not what you would expect . I lost the passion for the city . At least for a moment .
I have the same number , the same name , and hopefully the same weight in time , so if you will ever change your mind and at least try to explain what happened in that coffee house , maybe we can try again . But this time it`s your turn to make a visit . I love Venice and Florence and I know for sure that you will love Tuscany too.
But if at first I was the one that found you , no person should make the same mistake twice .
Schiphol to Milan , and the back home .

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