The Unlikely

Lucifer – The devil or the angel ?

When the first season started , I was completely fascinating . I mean , this actor really does know how to enter in the devils skin . His handsome , charismatic , charming , does whatever he pleases and his truly gift from GOD is not that he can take out peoples darkest desires . His true gift is that he , of course with a smooth British accent , can lure anyone in his arms .He was a persona that defined all that people would like to see in a devil . Not a punishing , corns on the head monster that devours your soul .
But later on , as seasons go on by , his charm is lost . The devil has become more human , pardon me , more Twilight than Lucifer . Chloe becomes not annoyed , not pissed , but somehow charmed by this man . And I say man because that is what he is . A person that can resist knifes and bullets and willingly can fly to Havana for a glass of scotch . Even Entourage lasted longer , and Vince didn`t have crazy eyes and pigeon wings to be charming .
I like to watch TV series , and I mean a lot . Even Gossip Girl had more true fans , even do not so many followers at their time .
In my opinion Lucifer is gone . In life just one mistake is enough to vanish forever or at least search for redemption. . Season 3 ? I wonder what twist will they find to make this believable again . If not , people , prepare for a new soap opera .