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The Broken Soul

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The Broken Soul

Even do it may seem fascinating finding a girl now and then with whom you can have some fun , in this case I could say it`s the opposite . After a night of sex a girl expects a call , a text just to know that she wasn’t just a flick in your life . But the same goes to the boys . There’s no more disappointment and a small amount of pain when you know that in the end you were the flick . Not used , just sometimes you need more than just sex , I heard that that’s called a relationship , and trust me I had to open a dictionary to find the meaning of the word . What makes us different from others ? OK . Girls tend to cry , block for 5 days , ice-cream , complaining how much of a pig you are to here friends .. But what about us . It`s nice . It`s nice to spend a night alongside a girl , sex , alcohol , drugs if she’s up to it , not from me , let’s say fun . But the next morning knowing you will never hear from here again , makes you , well , disappointed . We have a soul to . Why not take a cup of coffee , a movie , let`s try to connect . Make something out of it .
I think I’m cursed . God bestowed upon me a curse that I simply cannot find the answer .

Everything I do it`s not enough . I like roses and that’s my only gift that I offer . But even then when I give he takes , but when I only seek to devour a new soul , he is pleased . I’m not putting blame , but who else has the power to do this to a human soul . And why blame me . I find somebody , I fuck , then nothing . I’m not strange , I think , maybe I have some issues , but who hasn’t . I hate my life . All the parties , alcohol , women mean nothing compared to a normal life .

But on the other side could I live with the drama . Relationships are more powerful than any law enforcement when it comes to guessing . It’s like a puzzle . A 1000 piece puzzle . And then comes that moment when you have to find that one piece in the 500 remaining .
At least there are two ways to have a happy ending ! Ooo and just for a point of view , if you read the past posts you`ll see that clubs are my most likely to find love places . And what do you find in clubs ? Alcohol ! But I don’t see Pizza Hut offering tables for groups with Mojitos and Tequila Sunrises .

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