The Women

The Broken Heart


The Broken Heart

So , like I was saying my way to approach a girl is to say odd things . I waited 3 weeks to see her and then that’s what my mouth managed to say . I would go to Sweden to apologise and explain but I still have 5 days in Amsterdam and The Number You Have Dialed Is Unreachable , and there’s no refund at my hotel , sorry hostel . So Amsterdam it is .

The first day was boring , museums , hot spots from a 4 euro map bought at an Information Stand . 4 mini bottles of vodka in my pockets . Honestly, I don’t know . I’m sad because she left when she wanted to stay , or just because wasn`t even a mile to close here . Whatever . The vodka will kick in soon and the night is still to come . Around 22 PM I wanted to visit the famous I Love Amsterdam sign when I see nearby a nightclub . Well, kind of a nightclub , considering the music for Amsterdam standards . 10 euro ticket , drink included , lucky . I entered the club , I went directly to the bar , took a seat and watched . Vodka and orange juices all night , blurry , and its not even 12 am . Luckily 2 french girls came to me and asked me if I want to buy them a drink . Why not . Drunk Amsterdam , girls and better , girls from France . After a few drinks one gone missing . Thought about calling the police for a missing person , but half her brain was already lost at the club , so why bother searching for the other half . Alcohol , what can I say. We go back to her , and for god sake hostel , go up and start doing the nasty . Ooo , and by the way , the phone call was not necessary . The missing person was found drunk with just a pillow on the room floor . Undress , drunk weird fuck , cause, believe me , its not easy to fuck on a bunk bed , especially on those that have a tendency to break if you , well , you know , someone screams to hard. Because of the bed of course , not very stable , The next morning I forgot one thing . Whats are your names ? I mean I don’t speak French that good but tell me , was it that bad that you forgot to speak English or at least sign language, please . Oh for bloody hell , just tell me were my t-shirt is . Never mind , found it . Its on you . Mind if I borrow my t-shirt , promise to bring it back . I mean it costed just 30 euros but still , may I borrow it back ? Thank you .

Odd experience . Fuck it . Why not complete one mistake with another . Still thinking . I need some rest . Back to the hotel .

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