The Women

The one that got away


The one that got away

Literally ! I was about time to get a vacation . And where else can you go when you like to live the life that I live . Amsterdam of course . As promised I deliver , thats what she said to me . Start packing , check your luggage , and let’s go . 3 weeks I spoke with this girl before departing . A young Swedish girl on here early 20`s blonde , blue eyes and an amazing body . Student at a university in Amsterdam .

So here I arrive . This time I choose to stay simple . No more bad examples . Don`t want another fucked up thing to happen to another person that enters my life . I like to travel . I believe in true love , and if that does not work out I believe in good sex . But this time it was different . I was neither . Upon arrival at the Amsterdam Schipol Airport , I took the train to the Amsterdam Central station , and then a taxi to the hotel . Actually to a hostel that had singles too. Low budget . But I can survive . I`m not born out of money , and if you find a person that money gave birth please email me so that a can truly be sure that it exists. They gave me a key , once , doesn`t work , may I have another one please , doesn`t work , seriously , what kind of hotel has rooms without functional doors . Apparently someone switched the numbers on the rooms when leaving just to make , well , Amsterdam -Amsterdam . No one’s fault , except that little tiny shit .
Checked in , now let`s go out . Were else . To the Red Light District . And believe I actually like the church in the middle of district . I like it just because I can see the faces of the people going to pray for forgiveness when all around them there is a pack full of half-naked women ready to fuck for 50 euros in a 2 by 3 window . It`s actually kind of funny when you really look at it . Of course from a pub 30-40 meters away . And strange . And hard . Because from my point of view I had 2 options . Look at the church going people or at this amazing hot brunette waving at people and dancing in the window . Why stress ? True love awaits .

Enough of that , my phone rings . It was a message from here . See you at the flower market within one hour . And people say I`m shy . Why not meet here . I mean , we have a church and a hooker . 2 escapes from weird conversations . That if she’s not more interested in the hooker than the church , and if so I wanna go home 😦 . Flower market it is .
The story of my long voyage to the market is long , so I`m gonna make it short . We didn`t meet at the market , but at a coffee house at the middle of the road . I mean I`m not drunk so why should I pay for a taxi . Or at least save some money if the coffee is good 🙂 . I blocked . When she entered the coffee house and took a seat , I forgot not only how to speak English , but how to move my tongue . She was the most beautiful girl I have ever meet . And when you say blue eyes , I mean freakishly aquamarine blue eyes with a smooth pink lipstick . In the other letter I gave a name , but this time `I decline to answer` . She’s amazing . My heart wouldn`t stop beating .

Dialog !
-Soo ? How was you`re flight ?
-Nice . There were 3 , no 4 flight attendants .
-Good answer . So no problems ?
-Actually just one . Not there fault , mine . Not enough alcohol !
-:)) Why ?
-Because I expected something but not this . Your way to beautiful to be alive .
You got the point that she left right after ?
Sad . I really thought we had a connection . I mean it’s not often that you involuntarily say to a girl that she’s lucky to be alive .
Drunk in Amsterdam with all the aspirins you could get , no offense to the aspirins , I preferred the casinos . I have to lie . I don’t know how many messages were sent in those 2 days , but like I said , casinos , free drinks . One text came back . Come to this address and knock at the door . I`m still drunk . Why not . It was 3 or 4 am , or something like that . So I take a long deep walk for around 3 km , God bless Apple for there maps , so I can sober up .
Now comes the difficult part , it was a campus , I mean just a building , but considering it`s a university I can say campus .
At the entrace a gentelman asks me how may I help you . I have to go in ! Someone is in there that would change my life. So please , I know I`m drunk , I know I don`t go here but someone in there is gonna change my life . She’s the love of my live . You can imagine the rest … -HAHAHA … I walk 2 floors up , arrive at the room and what I find made me think . Why do I choose this ? Why does this not choose me ! A letter on the room door . I went home !!! Forgot it was the end of the school year. A girl choose to stay with me and I fucked it all up with just one cup of coffee .
But I still have 5 days in Amsterdam . What to do with them ?

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I had to be drunk at the end of this letter , so the facts can be accurate . So . Viva Amaretto . I just love this stuff .

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