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The True Little Pretty Liar


The True Little Pretty Liar

A lot of rumors were around the TV series Pretty Little Liars , never watched it personally , but I think I found some resemblance in real life.She was young . 4 years younger than me , beautiful , charismatic , simple but somehow complex . Attraction at first sight , on my part at least . And I don`t mean `Would you kindly like to fuck` . Worse . The kind of attraction that puts butterflies in your stomach . But I was me and she was here . She was a bartender at a nightclub and I was the one spending money on nothing but disaster . Alcohol , casinos and as you may guess now or after , woman . I like to fuck , a lot , but not because I am a , call me whatever . But when you find something in someone that puts does little shits in , you put faith . You stop for a moment and lose yourself .
But it was not to be . I say please she says no , I say yes , she still says no . Now worse . Weakness . 2 Months . 2 fucking months of let’s go! Movie ? Coffee ? Fuck once !? I`m sorry , I have a boyfriend ! Really ! That`s the one you choose ? Okay ! Let`s play 🙂 How about your friend ! What about here ? Is she seeing anyone ? Probably , no , yes , maybe . Ask here ! . Why ? Well your the one curious , right ? Yes but I thought we were friends 🙂 A moment of silence for the fallen one . Me on the keyboard . So you have a boyfriend , but still you like that little smile of yours . You know , when she shows you does little 2 corner teeth . I`m fucked . I hated to stay there but it was my favorite club , but I had to leave because she was the bartender . Lets not talk Facebook . When she smiles I wonder . I wonder why does she smiles only when others smile at me . Blocked . Enough about me . Lets talk you . Where is he ? Give me a clue . They called me the Joker . But now its confusing . Joker as a fool or as a crazy person . I miss you to say I needed you   Harley . XOXO .
Meet Alexandra . The one that got away . Fuck you and 3 others in 1 day , the day after you left my nothing .
Like I said XOXO :*l

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