The Women

An untold story


An untold story

They say that prostitution is an obscene thing. Even the Bible judges it despite even do our savior was alongside a prostitute .

In this page, you will see , learn and hear every story that I have encountered in my life , and every woman has a story . But even us , men have the same right to tell our own . So . Let`s begin .

It was March , just at the beginning of the month . I meet this one online . I offered her a cup of coffee she offered me a sum . OK . In down . I mean it’s just 50 euros right ? We started talking for about 10 minutes , then went back to her house . Then she offered me a cup of coffee while she went to dress up . 10 minute for me to think . How should I fuck here . A bit chubby I must say . I mean 80 kg at 189 on 60 cm at 165 , you judge . No sugar . Black . She enters the room dressed up like a geisha , only the dress , because here words reflect another type of person . Smart none the less . Okay then . Undress , get on the bed , here not me . 🙂 Why should she have all the fun . On my back she started down then went up . On top first then on the back later . 5 minutes . That’s all it took . Like on Hollywood movies you can`t find pure love , divine sex , in the first letter at least. I got a little shy probably because of the shame , For here , Or me . But she likes to swallow do. At least that .

Back ? Sure ! Why would she say no? I mean it’s just money. Non the less I came back . Drunk after a night in the club , drunk as fuck , I mean half a bottle of Red Label . And we know what that means . 3 minutes 🙂 She`s a pro . Fuck off .

Back again soon ?? 🙂 ;)) . Yes , like my mommy use to say , when I see a pig fly , you’ll get my text .

I don’t believe in GOD . But I’m not an atheist . I’m the devil , or at least a demon hoping to dethrone the almighty fallen angel .

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