The Story Line

When I first first started this page , it was meant so I can blog about thinks that matter . At least I think they matter . This is my life . Some of you will read The Women chapter. I don’t have a tendency to lie , so every story is true . But it’s not just for me . Some people may learn from what I’m writing and some people may judge . But the truth is that this is real life . I haven’t written anything from my family’s past . I was born in Romania, and like I said I lived in a loft in a new founded neighbourhood. 4 bedroom apartment , expensive car , and very good connections.

Then I moved to Italy after my parents divorced . My new family had much more . I now gained 3 new sisters that I love with all my heart . Of course everyone loves the youngest the most . My sister opposed the new reunion, but later came to senses .

But after family I had the experience of owning a yacht , drived BMW X5 and rented Ferraris for when we went to the beach . We lived in a duplex that was worth more than 300.000 euros , and be a part both as an unskilled labourer and manager of a promising enterprise.

Then I choose to go my own way . I started opening bars in my home town , online flower shops in Italy , a firm that imported used cars from outside the country.

Now I live in a 3 bedroom apartment, I own this blog , some ventures, and within 3 month will deploy a handful of coffeehouses in my city and an tshirt brand . 

Maybe for some people this may sound like a gesture of fulfilment. But it’s not . It’s my life and I like to live it at its most .