Victoria`s Secret Models !

If you had to choose from one of them , which one do you think is the most beautiful and deserves the top prize , meaning the first place as the Angel of Victoria`s Secret ?

Of course we have the beautiful Adriana Lima , born in Brazil on the June 12 1981 , and Angel since 1999 and one of most idolized models in the world and the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel” in 2017 .


Alessandra Ambrosio , born in Exerim , Brazil on 11 April 1981 , model from 2000 till 2017 , a model that managed to be casted as the prime model for Next , Armani Exchange , Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren . Mother of 2 children and actress on once my favorite TV Series even if it was just for one episode Entourage . This one Vincent would have for sure wanted a trip to memory lane . But we all have to endure some aspects of life . I mean you were a star in the series but you have a long walk to the Red Carped .

Or maybe not seeing that now 10 movies will be nominalized for best picture . I guess now you just have to get a leading role in a movie and POP , you`re on the front seat at the Oscars .


Behati Prinsloo , one of my favourites , born in South Africa but raised in Namibia on 16 May 1989 , this little Angel , one of my favorite managed to add a new concept to the world , after Naomi Campbell of course seeing that while we drive Ferraris and Lamborghinis , this young model attended Grootfontein Secondary School and left after Grade 9 to pursue modelling and dedicating her life on charity organizations and tried to pursue people to help on every occasion including the Haiti disaster and partnering with LakayPam, an organization dedicated to helping children in developing nations meet their basic needs, she collected and delivered hundreds of letters of hope from all over the world and helped raise funds . 

Sad that she ended with Adam Levine from Maroon 5 .


Candice Swanepoel , born in South Africa on 20 October 1988 , is a model of her name . I don`t know if that’s a catch phrase , but this one really is a candy . Swanepoel has appeared in editorials in American, Italian, British, Spanish, German, Russian, Australian, Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Mexican Vogue , and for that soul purpose she is a doll . When people think of models , they often think that the looks is all that you need , but seeing that one of my cousins and some of my friend model , not here , but model , I can personally tell you that this job is more that it seems . Most models start at a young age being recruited by modeling agenties as a part time job , but in real life those who once were on the podium for Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren are now lawyers and many more . 

And trust me , even though they eventually have a fucked up life in front of a stack of papers , this girl managed to make more than 7 million dollars in here carrer . 

But Candy still tastes like candy .


Elsa Hosk , born in Sweden born on 7 November 1988 , growing up in Sweden, Hosk was presented with offers to model during high school after her father submitted photographs to various modeling agencies in Sweden when she was 13 and she began modeling at the age of 14 . She may not be the most prestige model of The Secret , but still , modeling at that age and starting a carrer that would end her up here is still an achievement that 98.1 % of the population cannot . At 1.78 m she managed to enter the world of Crystal and made it to the top list .

Some people say that women just have to impress , but as she is blonde , remember you are bald . So take that out of context . If just many more would read these articles and realize that if you dedicate your life to a purpose and fight for that , you alone can decide your faith , your life .

Lionel Messi was a player called impossible , but he had faith on himself and seeing what devotion he had , FC Barcelona gave him a chance . Now he is one of the best players that ever existed with 5 Golden Globes .


Jasmine Tookes , born on 1 of February 1991 is a model from Huntington Beach , California , USA .  She did gymnastics for ten years and was also active in volleyball and softball before she became a model at about the age of 15.

A model for Victoria`s Secret since 2010 ,she made her debut on a commercial ad for UGG Australia . Before breaking out on the international scene, she booked a Spring 2011 DKNY and layout in Vogue Italia . She has walked the catwalk for every major designer and she has appeared in advertising campaigns for many designers before becoming a Victoria`s Secret Model . 


But every article , sometimes has some sadness in it . If I were to choose a model that truly and controversially socked the world , if not as a person but the choices she made to become one of the most beloved and wanted women of this century . 

Sasha Grey 

American actress, model, musician, and former adult film actress , Sasha became a legend when a simple porn star , a girl born in 1987 or 1988 as Marina Ann Hantzis in North Highlands , California , choose a life that she desired and fulfilled it at it`s most . She was a model , and actress , a musician and one of the most best payed actresses in Hollywood . Maybe not a Victoria`s Secret Model , but still ended up as the cover of American Apparel , and many TV Series , including my favorite Entourage . She was the girl that every man wanted . Including me .

But since I can`t get a Visa to the USA I can`t , become a stalker . So hopefully we will se here talents in more productions and movies on the Hollywood Boulevard .